ENREC, Egyptian Network of Research Ethics Committees was created in 2008 to raise the harmonization between Research Ethics Committees (RECs) in reviewing of research proposals and to augment sharing of information and intellectual resources, policies and review strategies. This will lead to enhanced processes for protecting research subjects. ENREC is operating under the auspices of NGO (Egyptian Society for Healthcare Development, ESHD). Believed to facilitate more uniform ethical review and simplify REC procedures, this network has been established to enhance the review of research and to help investigators and their research staff submit their proposals.



Our vision is To be the reference and supporter of Egyptian RECs to help them to be consistent with the international quality standards of research. We plan to achieve this goal through our mission to:

  • Strengthen coordination between the ethics committees of scientific research.

  • Enhance improvement in the quality of scientific research review.

  • Enhance the protection of participants in research.

  • Disseminate awareness of ethics of research to researchers and citizens.

  • Enhance the current quality of Egyptian RECs performance.

  • Provide online training to REC members: www.menareti.net


This online training is unique in the following aspects:

  • Certificate Print-Out: participants will be able to print out a certificate of achievement at the end of course.

  • Audio Powerpoint Presentations: Rather than reading lecture notes, participants can listen to previously taped audio-powerpoint presentations.

  • Arabic Presentations: Most of the audio presentations are in Arabic, making it ideal for an Arabic audience.

Please visit the MERETI Online Training site.

ENREC meeting at the National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute (NHTMRI) in Cairo, Egypt

ENREC meeting at the National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute (NHTMRI) in Cairo, Egypt